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Revolution in MRI  

About Us

About Us

EXTREMITY MRI is a uniquely designed MRI center dedicated to Imaging of the Lower or Upper Extremity and sets a new standard in quality and expertise. We provide excellence in:
* Board Certified Musculoskeletal Radiologists and experienced Registered Technologists.
* Personal, caring relationships with our referring providers and their patients
* State of the art Articular Cartilage Imaging utilizing 3D SHARC with .4mm slice thickness
* Rapid report turn-around time and STAT reads when requested.
* PACS secure cloud-based system allowing reports and images to be accessed securely from         anywhere.

*MARS (Metal Artifact Reduction Sequence) equipped.
Patients will also experience a whole new level of comfort and service at FOOT ANKLE KNEE & EXTREMITY MRI. Our office environment creates a relaxing atmosphere that sets the tone for the examination. Our welcoming staff is highly trained to deliver both personalized service and clinical excellence from the moment the patient arrives.

X-RAY/ Ultrasound and Interterpertation are available by appointment only.

How Does It Work?

EXTREMITY MRI offers advanced Dedicated  Lower and Upper Extremity MRI technology. This unique, new MRI technology allows "focusing" of the magnetic field using an aperture size much smaller than traditional MRI machines significantly improving image quality.


Alejandro Bugnone M.D., Medical Director of Extremity MRI, states "Our imaging capabilities of .4 mm effective slice thickness of the articular cartilage will provide exceptional high field-quality images. This results in superior image quality and more accurate interpretations. Best of all, it gives our Referring Partners a more complete understanding of their patient’s condition, allowing for a confident diagnosis and treatment plan. Our scanner is comfortable, non-claustrophobic, and designed for patient comfort. Best of all, the exams are quick. The entire procedure can be done in 30 minutes or less in most cases."

How does it work

Our Office

Our Office
Contact Us

Contact Us

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Miami Office 7520 Southwest Red RD, Ste A, South Miami, FL 33143

Broward Office 9620 Stirling RD #111 Cooper City Fl, 33024

Free parking is available 

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