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Patient Information

Foot Ankle & Knee MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a painless way to look inside your body without using X-rays. Instead, it uses a magnetic field, radio waves that are emitted from your body, and a sophisticated computer to scan your body and produce detailed pictures that cannot be seen on conventional x-rays.

MRI's ability to easily differentiate between soft tissues makes it the best exam for many procedures, especially the Lower or upper Extremity.

At FOOT ANKLE AND KNEE MRI you are in a large room on a comfortable couch, allowing you to see and talk to our technologist during your exam. Our innovative design provides for a higher level of comfort over conventional, "tunnel-tube shaped" MRI machines that you must climb into for your scan to be done.

MRI Exam Preparation

Each individual exam generally lasts between 25-30 minutes. No special preparation is required. You may eat or drink as usual before your exams.

You will be able to store any valuables that you may have in a private lockbox.

It is important to tell us if you have a pacemaker, think you may be pregnant or have metallic screws or plates in the part of the body being scanned.  In addition, if you have a history of any brain surgery, cochlear implants or neurostimulators, please let us know.

Our technologist will help you lay down on a padded table that slides into the examining area.

Once you are comfortable, the technologist will step into the computer control area, staying in constant contact with you throughout the examination. You will not feel anything during the exam.

Stay relaxed during the procedure; any movement during this time will blur the picture. When the exam is done, the technologist will assist you off the table.

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